The Vostroyan Firstborn are an Imperial Guard regiment from the region of Vostroya who, despite primarily being a forge-region, offer a heavy tithe of soldiers to the Imperial Guard as penance for past guilt of failing to provide soldiers for the Loyalists during the Horus Heresy. The Vostroyans are experts in Urban and winter warfare.



A Vostroyan Guardsman with a Meltagun.

Vostroya is a vast, sub-arctic region in which the population is heavily concentrated around the major Hive-cities, away from the freezing cold of the wastelands. It is ruled by the Techtriarchy, a council of Adeptus Mechanicus members and more traditional planetary government personnel/representatives who maintain the munitions tithes that are produced in Vostroya's many factories. Due to the level of industrialisation, the air is thick with industrial pollution and in the underhives of many cities a rebreather is necessary to avoid choking on the noxious fumes.

During the Horus Heresy, the Vostroyans remained loyal to the Emperor due to its strong ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, as the war began to turn in favour of the rebels, the Emperor decreed that all loyal regions should raise regiments of Imperial Guard to help the war effort, to which Vostroya refused, arguing that it could better serve the loyalists by continuing to devote all its efforts to the manufacture of weapons for the Emperor's armies, and that to give up so much of its populace to become warriors for the Imperial Guard would render it incapable of meeting it's tithes. When the war came to a close, the Vostroyans' reluctance to commit soldiers was looked upon harshly by the Emperor, who's advisors considered a thorough purge to be in order, to teach them a lesson. The Tetrarchs begged for forgiveness, and their pleas were met with uncommon mercy- to repay their past shame, every family of Vostroya, from the proudest Aristocrat to the humblest factory worker, was to send their first born son to fight in the Imperial Guard. The Emperor warned that Vostroya's penance might never end, but even when he stated the grievous terms of Vostroya's reprieve the Techtriarchs willingly accepted their chance for redemption in the Emperor's eyes. For hundreds of years, this oath has been kept and every year hundreds of new regiments are raised to fight in the Emperor's name.


As with many places in the Imperium, the desolation of Vostroya has made the people hardy as the weak cannot survive in such a place. For many families, the prospect of one of their children away from the grinding life of poverty in the sweltering manufactorums or claustrophobic mineshafts is a good thought, and many parents are almost happy to see their children depart for Guard training, where they are offered a higher standard of living. For many families, it is an honour to have a son in the Imperial Guard. Life in Vostroya is either the life of an urban worker or a miner, as the region's principle export is munitions, rifles and heavy armour.

Imperial Guard RegimentsEdit


A Vostroyan Sergeant.

Vostroyan Firstborn regiments are trained in the frozen, snow and ash-covered ruins of its ancient cityscapes, on portions of their homeworld no longer habitable or functional, before being shipped out, once each generation, to serve the Imperium, never to return. Unusually, the Firstborn reinforce their regiments, sending new soldiers out to each one, no matter how far away it is or how difficult providing these reinforcements will prove to be. This ensures that the youngest members of the Firstborn have the experience of hardened veterans to draw upon during combat, and that every Vostroyan Firstborn regiment can trace its existence back to their original mustering. With every Vostroyan family- from the highest Techtriarchs to the lowliest menials, required to send their first-born sons to serve the Emperor, familial ties within regiments are not uncommon, and many young Vostroyans have found themselves under the guardianship of distant uncles and older cousins, something that encourages a strong bond of brotherhood. Within each regiment, the officer corps is composed of those of noble birth, while the common soldiery are drawn from the Vostroyan worker families that make up the bulk of the world's population. Vostroyan regiments are most commonly line infantry, and are particularly at home in cold environments and urban areas, as these conditions best match those of their training back on Vostroya.

With stoic resolve, the Vostroyans steadfastly sacrifice their lives to the service of the Emperor either in the manufactoria or on the battlefield. The weaponry Vostroyan workers produce is always of the finest quality, for the Firstborn Imperial Guardsmen who will make use of it are their sons, brothers and fathers and their only hope for redemption in the Emperor's eyes. As such, hand-carved wooden stocks are expertly inlaid with precious metals and precision tooled barrels replace the utilitarian weaponry used by other Imperial Guard regiments. It is not uncommon in Vostroyan families for weapons to be passed from father to son for generations, and as such uniforms and weapons are often worth more than the men wearing them. Though some soldiers may see this as depressing, but Vostroyans see it as upholding the honour of their bloodline and proudly march into battle in the same armour that their forefathers wore before them. The squad weapon of choice for Vostroyans are Plasma guns.

Notable RegimentsEdit

  • 5th Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment - The 5th Vostroyan Regiment was commanded by none other than Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn, widely regarded as one of the best generals of the current era, who's mastery of warfare is unparralled.
  • 7th Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment - The 7th Vostroyan Regiment defended Hive Euryales during the Babylonian incursion prior to the Macharian Crusade.