Golden Throne

The Emperor seated on the Golden Throne.

The Golden Throne is a massive cybernetic life support mechanism utilizing ancient advanced biomechanical technology that possesses the ability to amplify life energy. After being exposed to a Babylonian chemical attack, the Emperor entered a nigh-comatose state and was interred to the massive arcane machinery of the Golden Throne, which now sustains his mortally crippled body's life functions. However, one thousand lives are required every day in the ritual of soul-binding to keep the machine functioning. The Day of the Emperor's ascension is also now a celebrated holiday in Lenehen, and is celebrated with gifts and feasts.

Although his body slowly wastes away, and his once handsome face reduced to a leering skull, his mind remains sharp, trapped in a prison of his own flesh, being forced to witness the tyranny and atrocities committed in his name, for were the Golden Throne to be disabled, he would die. As such, he is only able to rule his Empire indirectly through the Emperor's Tarot and the Senatorum Imperialis.

Many superstitious Lenehenese citizens believe that come the turn of the millenium, the Emperor will step off the throne and walk amongst men once more. As all rumours, these stories have a basis of truth.Throughout the 26th century, the Golden Throne began to require more and more sacrifices of life-force to remain funtioning, increasing every year. In 2857, catastrophic flaws in the workings of the Golden Throne were found to the horror of the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, who now lack the ability to repair it. Unless something is done, the Golden Throne will eventually malfunction and the Emperor of Mankind will die, throwing the Imperium into chaos, or perhaps setting the stage for Lenehen's salvation...