The fall of Hydris was the first contact between the ACSN and the Infection, occurring in 1952 on the Lenehenese colony of Hydris, an important military base off the coast of Mordia.


Imperial Guard making a last stand against the growing Horde of undead.

The firebase on Hydris was no easy prey, nestled in the ruins of a chain of volcanic islands, the base was heavily fortified to repel both fearsome storms and sea-creatures of Lenehen's wild oceans- and it's defences did not stop there. Given it's extreme seperation from the Lenehenese mainland and it's crucial position in defending Mordia's ports from pirates and raiders, it was given armament adequate to deter the attentions of even the most determined hostile presence.

Four giant AA batteries stood guard over Hydris Primus Base, to repel any ariel assult. On the ground stood row after row of interconnected concrete bunkers and defence bastions, complemented by three dozen autocannon and heavy bolter weapon emplacements. Nor could the garrison be found wanting- Hydris boasted three full squadrons of Vendetta gunships and an entire regiment of Mordian Iron Guard, soldiers trained to defend the Imperium's frontiers against all foes. Yet even with these impressive defences, Primus Base was woefully underequipped to deal with the threat at hand.

At 9.14PM a small ship ran aground a mile north of Dans, a large fishing port holding a civilian population of 19,000. Evidence gathered by the Ordo Sepulturum suggests that this boat carried the original infected to the island (Though it is unknown where the original infected originated) which quickly spread through the town, driving many civilians to take solace at Primus base, four miles South-East of the port. By 10:30 the horde, now bloated and swollen with new recruits, had reached Primus Base and began to scale the walls.

At first, the disciplined volleys of the defenders drove the creatures back, amongst the ranks of the defenders were veterans of the Machias campaign, seasoned fighters who knew how to deal with wave tactics after a long bloody conflict with the Babylonians. Officers bellowed orders through the pouring rain and torrents of firepower cut deeply into the ranks of the undead, their rotting flesh providing no protection against the hail of bullets. Wave after wave of undead were cut down, their corpses choking the rain-lashed kill zones between the bastions. Eventually, ammunition began to run low, and the barrels of the heavy weapons glowed white and overheated, compromising their teams. Little by little, the Mordians were forced to fall back and an hour later, the outpost was as good as lost.

Almost all of the bastions were overrun and destroyed, the heavy weapon teams torn apart in their concrete bunkers and even the Guardsmen tempered in the fierce fighting of the Siege of Babylon, men who considered themselves amongst the toughest and most stalwart of warriors, abandoned their posts and fled blindly into the driving rain in search of an escape that did not exist. Here and there, pockets of resistance remained under the watchful gaze of a brave or foolhardy officer but one by one they were extinguished. Only the command bunker remained, it's walls begining to crack under the weight of blows. Finally, the great steel door crashed inwards and the undead poured into the bunker, hacking their way through the remaining defenders. As the last few guards were slaughtered, General Cain whispered a final prayer to the Emperor before calling in a bombardment from the Imperial Navy, levelling the complex.

The islands were placed under quarantine by the Ordo Sepulturum, and the survivors of the incident are being held in containment camps to prevent word of the incident from reaching the public.