Black Wolves Emblem

The Bankampari Black Wolves is an elite branch of the Bankampari Special Activities Divison (SAD). There are very few members in this division, but all troops that are part of it are highly-trained, and lethal. They work with the Domestic Intelligence Service (DIS - Compare to the Central Intelligence Agency) on important missions of the highest importance.

The FoundationEdit

The Black Wolves were found as a Black Operations force in the 1960's. They saw combat in Vietnam. They played a large factor as they support the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army, and ultimately forcing a US Withdrawal. This was the beginning of continued success by the small, but lethal unit. After their short run of success, the government decided to fund the small unit more, giving them more advanced equipment, thus leading to more success in the field throughout the years.

Great Lenehese-Babylonian WarEdit

The Black Wolves were heavily involved in the war. It was the first major regional war that the Wolves had ever been apart of, and the young group was eager to prove they belonged to everyone. They conducted tons of ambushes, and black operations against the sizable Babylonian Army. A daunting task for anyone, but the Wolves were able to do this with great success and help support the smaller Lenehese army. The whole Black Wolves unit was deployed in the defense of Sularian Gate in Lenehen. A last ditch effort to keep the Babylonians from laying siege to Terra. The capital city of Lenehen. It was a grueling battle. Never ending waves of enemy soldiers pounded the Bankampari 4th Armoured Regiment, Panzermmeen Marines, and the Lenehenese defensive soldiers. The Babylonians had orders to crush resistance at any cost, it took another army flanking from the rear of the enemy army to finally have them retreat.

Famous Black WolvesEdit

The most famous Black Wolf is Commander Michael Pierce, of 1st Unit, Bravo Company. He is

Suicide-bomber 0

Pierce in a gunfight while in the Middle East

known all over Bankampar as a war hero. He's a veteran of more than twenty tours of active combat. He has twice, received the Medal of Valor - The highest military commendation any Bankampari Soldier can receive. On every tour of duty, he was given a choice whether to stay, or go with his men on the tour - and every tour he chose to go. In the eyes of every Bankampari soldier, and normal person, he signifies heroism, leadership, and bravery.