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The United Commonwealth of Bankampar has made it's Armed Forces and Police Forces priorities since the birth of the nation. The Military is now upwards of 45 million men, and growing every single day.

The ArmyEdit

The UCB's Army is probably the strongest of all three branches. There are over 20 million soldiers in the Army. All soldiers are put through rigorous training to prepare them for all situations. They prepare for all conditions, and are in excellent physical condition. They are all trained in multiple forms of martial arts including; Karate, Kung Fu, Ju Jitzu, and a lot of soldiers are trained Mixed Martial Arts fighters. The training period for soldiers joining the Army is 12 - 15 weeks. They are given one phone call at the beginning of training.. It's to tell their loved ones to not attempt contacting them. Trainee's learn to rely on their fellow soldiers, preparing them for combat, and forming the chemistry, and a bond that cannot be broken.

The Marine Corps Edit

The Bankampari Marine Corps is definitely the most rugged out of all of the other branches of service. They are armed like a normal soldier, and trained like a normal soldier as well (considering normal training for a soldier is pretty intense). They are the expeditionary force of the Bankampari Armed Forces, and are specialized in anti-terroist operations, and urban combat. The Marine Corps is about 750,000 men and women strong, and have seen combat in many theatres of combat since the late 1800's.


A standard kit for a Bankampari soldier consists of;

  • Kevlar Vest w/ Six Clips containing 9x19 rounds, two M67 fragmentation grenades, Ka-Bar, 2 sets of metal handcuffs
  • TacBelt w/ Eight Magazines containg 5.56mm Ammo
  • Backpack w/ Canteen, 1 block of C-4, six MRE's,
  • Breaching Hammer (Built by Shalum General Supplies & Construction)
  • Over-the-back hydrator
  • A SpecOps HUD (Built by Shalum General Supplies & Construction) which helps with awareness in the midst of combat (obviously is worn with a combat helmet)
  • K Ak-5C Assault Rifle (Produced by Karlberg Industries AB

Armoured VehiclesEdit

  • Note, all of the vehicles on this list can be found on the Shalum General Supplies & Construction Storefront
  • TD-1 Rhino (TD - Tank Destroyer)
  • AMPC (Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier)
  • Reaper Heavy Tank
  • Badger Series MBT
  • S-2 Self-Propelled Anti-Helicopter Gun
  • SPG-1 Longstrike

Other Armoured VehiclesEdit

Aerial VehiclesEdit