The ACSN Flag

The Allied Coalation of Sovergin Nations

Member NationsEdit

The ACSN contains 18 nations, the 627th most in the world.

  • The Republic of Baldur Prime
  • The United Commonwealth of Bankampar
  • The Empire of the Great Wolf of CREEEEEED
  • The Intergalactic Colonies of Facist-Germania
  • The Merkelreich of Republica Federal de Catalunya
  • The Colonial State of Greater Amerika
  • The Empire of Jedizora
  • The Enclave Union of Kalarin
  • The Imperium of Lenehen
  • The United Federation of Leonrus
  • The Eternal Empire of New Babylonia
  • The Federal Republic of Carloso
  • The Constitutional Monarchy of Rocotia
  • The Armed Republic of Rynagria
  • The United States of Sankji
  • The Democratic States of Shalum
  • The Kingdom of Tiratrir

Regional Officials -

RP Master: The Eternal Empire of New Babylonia Minister for Finance and Trade: The Empire of the Great Wolf of CREEEEEED Minister for Recruitment: The Constitutional Monarchy of Rocotia Foreign Ambassador: The Imperium of Lenehen Regional Diplomats: The Eternal Empire of New Babylonia and The Imperium of Lenehen