The penultimate battle of Z-Day, which saw the annihilation of an entire horde of Infected and the destruction of four entire battallions of Carlossian infantry as well as countless civilian casualties.


The empty city of New Carlingford before the rebuilding.

Before the rising tide of undead could reach the city, the CDF successfully evacuated 87% of the remaining population to concentration camps several miles away where they could be under armed supervision until the incident passed, but millions of civilians still remained within the quarantine zone alongside a rapidly-growing sea of undead. Winter Contingency was declared causing the city superintendent AI to shut off all public transport and block every city entrance, all fleeing civilians were prevented from leaving until they could be sure they were free of infection. Napalm and Gas was used to deadly effect by the Carlossian airforce over the course of the siege, easily annihilating crowds of undead and stopping their movement.

Within weeks, sectors 00, 01, 03 and 04 were declared free of infection and civilians were slowly eased back into whatever buildings were still habitable. After 2 months the entire city was deemed safe to live in by the government and repopulation of the crumbling city began. There are still rumours however, that small pockets of undead remain in the abandoned metros and ancient sewer systems, but most can be disregarded as scare-mongering.