Power Maul
A Shock Maul is a type of Shock Weapon. Shock Weapons are designed to be generally non-lethal, assaulting the victim with incapacitating force through electrical shocks released on impact. As Shock Weapons have little or no destructive impact on flesh other than minor electrical burn marks, they are useful for crowd control and “encouraging” workers such as shipboard press gangs or other forced labour. A Shock Maul resembles a club surrounded in an electrical energy field which disrupts the surface of solid matter. The depth of the field can be adjusted to bash a hole through a wall or merely administer an irresistible knock-out blow to subdue a victim. The electrical energy that is discharged can cause severe burns on impact and can disrupt the nervous system if overused. These fearsome weapons are most commonly found in the hands of the Adeptus Arbites and Praetor squads in countless cities who enforce local and Imperial law. While they are intended for crowd control and riot suppression, in the hands of an enthusiastic user they can also be deadly combat weapons. Often used in tandem with a suppression shield, which acts as both a weapon and protection.