Many settlements across the Eastern edge of Lenehen were threatened by The Infected after the events of Z-Day, a notable example was in the defense of Cainstead in Valhalla.


The abandoned streets of Cainstead.

The small city of Cainstead (Formerly Prosperity Wells, renamed in honour of famed Commissar Ciaphas Cain) was amongst the last population centres to be evacuated and was lightly defended by half a regiment of NDF militia. As the horde drew ever closer, chances of rescue seemed slimmer and slimmer by the day as the overstretched Imperial Guard had been weakened by losses and infection. But rescue came in the form of three regiments of Babylonian marines, returning from a training exercise in the Vandean sea who had intercepted a distress signal and ignored the orders of their superiors to ignore it. With swelled ranks, losses to the horde were relatively low and enough time was bought that the 12th Valhallan Mechanized could cut through to the surrounded town and rescue the defenders.

The captain of the Babylonian fleet was awarded the Order of Rooke, First Class for his timely intervention which helped prevent a great loss of life in Valhalla. This is one of the few recorded incidents that the Lenehenese and Babylonians have fought together for the common good, proving that an alliance, however brief, is possible between the two nations.