Official Map of Panzermmee

Panzermmee (Pan'zer-me), a Germanic, American, and Native Colony established in 1866 from the migration of Southern Americans to escape the Northern dominance, is a highly religious and civilized Nation, focused deeply on creating and maintaining a fortified Economy to support and defend its citizens, while maintaining a strong presence in the smallest of communities. 

History: Age of DiscoveryEdit

In 1865, with a final attempt to preserve the Southern customs and traditions, a mass of Confederate supporters boarded a captured Union Flagship, bound East to reach Native lands. The journey, later named 'плаване на надеждата', or 'Sail of Hope', lasted more than 46 days. Nearly half the travelers died of Scurvy and piracy, and the rest were too discouraged to track the rest of their course. Not until another 10 days did their mast strike land. 

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