The Ordo Sepulturum are one of the many Ordos Minoris of the Lenehense Imperial Inquisition.

The Ordo Sepulturum is a sub-branch of the Imperial Inquisiton.

The Ordo Sepulturum is one of the smallest and more specialized within the Inquisition. It operates in secret, combatting the infection and keeping it away from the eyes of the public. Even though occurrences of The Infected have been recorded across the ACSN for decades, the severity and scale of the threat has increased the to the level where they are considered a serious danger to the Imperium at large.

The recent worldwide outbreak brought the attention of the Inquisition's agents into communication with each other. The rising number of such Inquisitors that were investigating the plague resulted in the formation of the Ordo Sepulturum.

Known Ordo Sepulturum InquisitorsEdit

  • Cato Sicaris
  • Marneus Calgar
  • Varro Tigerius
  • Severus Agemman
  • Torias Telion
  • Ortan Cassius
  • Mattius Ward