Chernobyl Mutants!!

Chernobyl Mutants!!

Comic style mutant

A drawing of a mutant attack on a STALKER group.

The Pripyat disaster in south east Kalarin was one of the worst environmental disatsers ever to hit the ASCN. The nuclear fallout spread across the nations, however this wasn't the last to be seen of the Pripyat area. At the time of the distater at least 140,000 people were thought to be living in the area. Still to this day 9,000 afre un accounted for. While evidence is sketchy it is believed by many that the exposure to high levels of radiation has caused mutations in the now 100 square mile exclusion zone. To this day no reporter has survived in the zone long enough to bring back enough credible evidence to truly confirm this however the internet is filled with sightings of creatures seen in and out of the Pripyat Zone. The military which strictly controls the borders refuses to speak or give any evidence however the unexplained deaths of military personal in the region cannot be ignored.

Sighted Creatures.Edit

Mutated animals are perhaps more believable, dogs, boars, pigs and other animals that normally inhabit kalarin have all be confirmed to still continue living in the zone.

Scientific excursions into the outlying areas of the zone have given an insight into the various mutations, most of which are either disfigurement, impairment or simply slight alterations. Interestingly the sudden exodus from the region meant the local animals were able to quickly inhabit the area. This has lead to a natural wildlife reserve, while the back ground radiation does shorten the life of these animals, their current population is such that this is unlikely to stop them fully reclaiming the area. Furthermore while the radiation shortens their lives it deters potential hunters and poachers from the region save for the fabled STALKERS.

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