Missile launcher

An example of a Lenehenese Missile Launcher, Soundstrike Pattern.

"God-Emperor, infuse this weapon with your wrath, that I might deliver your righteous anger unto your enemies." -Combat blessing inscribed on all Missile Launcher tubes.

A Missile Launcher is a weapon that can fire several types of self-propelled missile, including both the common Frag and Krak Missiles. The missile launcher is a popular choice for heavy-weapon squads for knocking out medium to heavy armour.

Ammunition typesEdit

Missile types

From top to bottom: Frag missile, Krak missile and Flak missile.

  • Frag Missile - Frag Missiles are designed to explode on impact with any surface, raking the immediate area with lethal shrapnel composed of aerodynamic metallic shards. Though Frag Missiles are primarily intended to be used as anti-infantry weapons, they can also be deployed effectively against light vehicles.
  • Krak Missile - Krak Missiles are primarily intended to serve as anti-vehicle weapons, and contain a high-strength shaped charge with a relatively small blast radius, but causes massive damage to anything it hits with minimal collateral damage. Krak Missiles are also very effective against heavily armoured infantry, bunkers and other armoured or fortified static targets where their concentrated explosives will often punch holes straight through armour.
  • Flak Missile - Flak Missiles are designed to serve as anti-aircraft munitions. When they explode, they release a specially-shaped charge containing shrapnel intended to pierce the often lightly-armoured airframes of enemy aircraft. A Flak Missile can be outfitted with heat-seeking or radar-based targetting packages.