The Maccabian Janissaries are an elite Imperial Guard force composed of volunteers from the Lenehenese city of Maccabia, the resting place of Saint Lukian the Pious. Composed of the finest members of the Maccabian militia who follow in the footsteps of their great patron by joining the Imperial Guard.


Maccabia is a shrine-city south of Terra, dedicated to the memory of saint Lukian, a famous Imperial martyr. This harsh place is not blessed because of the resources it possesses, or because of the climate, but because of the faith that grows there in abundance. A site of pilgrimage for the faithful across the Lenehen, this Shrine-city has a significant military tradition all its own. These pilgrims form the core of the Maccabian militias, the finest of which are chosen to become Maccabian Janissaries.

In stark contrast to the sprawling grey hive-cities of the Imperium, the city of Maccabia contains many parks, fountains and cathedrals to the God-Emperor. Wide, open streets are kept spotlessly clean by a volunteer force of workers whilst others preserve the pristine beauty of communal park.



A parade of Janissaries march through the ornate streets of Maccabia.

Contrasting with life in the rest of the Imperium. Maccabians generally enjoy a high standard of living- higher than in Terra itself. Mighty cathedrals rise up the skyline, where glittering panes of stained glass and gilded statues of the saints all gleam in the bright sunlight. From every finely sculpted statue to every carefully tended park and garden, everything in Maccabia is dedicated to the benevolence of the God-Emperor.

Every year, the city attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists to witness the city with their own two eyes. For many pilgrims, the prospect of joining the sacred ranks of the Janissaries is an exciting prospect as only the toughest and most loyal recruits get the honour of joining this elite fighting force, who's zeal and determination is second to none.

Imperial Guard RegimentsEdit

"In all things do we take the example of Saint Lukian, who the Emperor saw fit to return from death to continue service in His name. We endure hardships, as Lukian did. We show no mercy, as Lukian did. We drive back the darkness beyond His realm, as Lukian did."

-Verse III of the Janissaries Oath

Janissary regiments are extraordinarily well-equipped, clad in finely-wrought carapace armour adorned with silvered masks in the image of Saint Lukian, and are capable marksmen, well-trained at fighting in carefully-orchestrated formations, often literally battling shoulder-to-shoulder in serried ranks, unleashing volleys of accurate fire at the enemy. Units of Maccabian Janissaries commonly stand at the heart of a battle line, their faith and their equipment allowing them to hold out against enemy attack when others might falter. Since they are united by faith, rather than common heritage, the Maccabian Janissaries have few ties to the city they are named for, and tend to volunteer for deployments that place them at the forefront of an Imperial campaign, pushing deep into enemy territory, viewing every engagement as another step along their militant pilgrimage.

Notable RegimentsEdit

  • 7th Maccabian Janissaries - The 7th Maccabian Janissaries were part of the second wave of Imperial troops assigned to the pacification of the Severan Dominate in North-West Lenehen.