The title of Carlossian Emperor was a title bestowed upon the heads of the monarchy in Carloso from 1625; the foundation of Carloso, to 1932 when the empire was abolished in favour of a democratically run republic with the Supreme Chancellor taking over the position of head of state along with their responsiblity as head of government. Carlos I or Admiral Carlos was the first emperor leading the Spanish fleets during the Battle for Carloso in early January of 1625. With the surrender of the English soldiers, Iberian supremacy seemed guaranteed in the country until the death of Theodoric I in 1773. As he left no heir, Charles Duke of Ebon took the throne to become the first British monarch in Carloso. He was succedded by two other British monarchs until the Glorious Revolution in which Charles II was deposed and Theodoric II was placed on the throne instead; a Spaniard and Duke of New Carlingford. The last few emperors included Empress Karen the Fair, the only female Carlossian emperor and the last emperor. Theodoric IV.

It is important to note however that the first four Carlossian emperors, despite having emperor in the title were no more then Kings of Carloso with the Carlossian Empire proper not being founded until Theodoric I who conquered all of the Cuerno Peninsula and all the islands around the peninsula as well as some territory held previously by Rocotia.


Nuevo Español DynastyEdit

Portrait Name Birth Succession Reign Death Time in Office
200px-James I of England by Daniel Mytens Carlos I
September 23 1584, Madrid, Spain Became de facto emperor as a result of the 'first settlement' of Carloso and the defeat of the English and the Battle of Riot Hill by the Spanish Empire. January 16, 1625 – August 19, 1665 August 19, 1665 
Natural causes.
40 Years
220px-King William III of England, (1650-1702) (lighter) Theo I
November 16 1604, Madrid, Spain Eldest son of Carlos. First Carlossian emperor to reside in the Imperial Palace in New Carlingford. September 18, 1665 – March 16, 1688 March 16, 1688 Natural causes. 22 Years
220px-George-I lafontaine2 Nepos
August 31, 1627, New Carlingford, Carloso Grandson of Carlos and son of Theo. First 'true' Carlossian emperor. March 18, 1688 – January 24, 1691

January 24, 1691 Sudden Heart Attack.

3 Years
380px-Henry IV of france by pourbous younger Carlos II
August 1, 1646, New Carlingford, Carloso Son of Nepos. Strengthened the Carlossian hand in the region by claiming large portions of neighbouring territories for Carloso and driving Rocotia out of the Carlossian peninsula. January 25, 1691 – October 13, 1724 October 13, 1724 Natural causes. 23 Years
384px-Franz Xaver Winterhalter Napoleon III

Theodoric I

December 15,1691, Ebon, Carloso Only son of Carlos II, widely considered to be the greatest Carlossian emperor, rising the nation to the rank of superpower in the local region. He left no heir. October 13, 1724 – June 9, 1773 June 9, 1773 Natural causes. 49 Years

British DynastyEdit

Name Reign Comments
220px-Anton von Maron 006 Charles I
June 11, 1773 –
1 August, 1801
Charles came to the throne after the death of the heirless Theodoric I after his time as Duke of Ebon. He was the very first of three British monarchs in Carlossian history. He was very unpopular. When he died in 1801, his son George replaced him.
George of Carloso


1 August, 1801 –
4 August, 1801

Rose to power after the death of his father. When an angry mob of 500,000 Carlossians stormed the Imperial Palace, he tried to escape and was caught doing so. He was beaten to death in the streets.

Charles ii carloso Charles II
6 August 1801 –
19 November, 1803

Holding the city of New Carlingford and Ebon for two years after the death of his cousin George, Charles II was put on the throne as Carlossian Emperor after Ebonian "Greyshirts" (Ethnic English) marched into New Carlingford two days after Charles' death. He surrendered before Theodoric II as he and his 300,000 strong army took the capital and crowned himself emperor. Charles immediately fled to Rocotia.

Magistratus Ultimo DynastyEdit

Name Reign Comments
Theodoric II
20 November, 1803 –
3 December, 1824
Came to power after usurping the throne from Charles II and proclaiming himself emperor. Theodoric II ended all the civil wars and squabbles in Carloso between the British and Spanish groups and urged them to work together from the future of the nation.


25 December, 1824 – 6 May, 1845

The eldest and only son of Theodoric II. He joined together the ruling houses of Carloso and Lenehen by marrying Princess Isabel of Lenehen thus forming an everlasting truce between the two nations.

Karen the fair Karen "The Fair"
10 May, 1845 –
4 January, 1872

Only empress of Carloso. She brought in many reforms making Carloso a more democratic and free country then it had been before making her a much beloved ruler. She was the daughter of Emperor Michael of Carloso and Princess Isabel of Lenehen.

Theodoric III
9 January, 1872 –
12 April, 1902

Eldest son of Empress Karen. Under his power, his position as emperor weakened significantly with much power being transferred to the Supreme Chancellor. His son would be the last emperor of Carloso.

Theodoric the last Theodoric IV
17 April, 1902 –
25 December, 1932

Son of Theodoric III and last Emperor of Carloso. He abdicated peacefully in favour of a democratically run republic. He died in 1947 in the Duke's Palace on the outskirts of New Carlingford and his funeral was attended by over 16 million people.