The most complete painting of Kaiser Lord Of Skalara

Kaisar Godwin, First of his name,Lord of the Skalaran Kingdom and arm of his most righteous fury, Lord Protector of the Kalarin People and defender of the realm.

King Kaisar I is known in Kalri history as one of the most successful and certainly powerful historical figures, a known reformer, just and harsh equally, excellent stratergist, zealous he is national icon with his own holiday. Born somewhere in northern Kalarin he rose to become the most powerful lord in early medieval Kalarin during the Age of the Three Kingdoms. Many consider him to be a founding father of pushing for a united Kalarin and instituting the founding tenets many of which are still used in Kalari Law.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known of his early life though it's beleived he was born around 1030 somewhere in northern Kalarin to a large noble house. The youngest of four brothers it's believed by many scholars that the reason for such little record of his early life is due to him being so low in the family. The Godwins were a powerful family and founders of the Skalaran Kingdom.

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