An Ecclesiarch whips up a fervour amongst soldiers of the Imperial Guard.

The Imperial Cult is the cult based on the worship of the Emperor as Master, Defender and Father of Mankind, developed following his internment in the Golden Throne. In the 29th Century, the Imperial Cult has almost unrivalled power and influence within the Imperium of Lenehen, and heresy against the church is often punished with death.

The basic precepts of the Imperial Cult, called the Imperial Creed, include the belief that all of humanity must be brought into the Imperium of Lenehen (Whether they want to or not), the abhorrence of Xenos and the realisation that mutation and heresy are the greatest threats to mankind, all of these beliefs have roots in what the Emperor preached during the Great Crusade. Although the church dictates that humanity is to bow to the Imperium of Lenehen alone, citizens of all nations are welcome as long as they swear complete and utter allegience to Lenehen and to upholding the beliefs of the church. The basic tenets of Imperial Creed are as follows:

  1. The Emperor once walked among men, but He is, and always has been, a god.
  2. The Emperor is the one true god, regardless of what past faiths any humans may have worshipped.
  3. To purge the heretic, abhor the xeno and convert the non-believer.
  4. Every human being has a place within the Emperor's divine order and the faithful shall be rewarded.
  5. To unquestionably obey the authority of the Lenehenese government.

Another recurring theme is the notion of the Time of Ending, which gained momentum towards the end of the 25th Century. Often tied to the notion of the Time of Ending is a belief that the Emperor will rise from the Golden Throne and complete the work He began a thousand years ago, delivering the faithful from the evils of the galaxy. Whilst most view these as a time of deliverance, it is also believed that the Emperor will sit in judgment of all mankind, casting those lacking in faith into eternal damnation.

Aside from these central tenets, there exists a massive body of both sanctioned and unsanctioned dogma which varies from planet to planet and is the subject of constant debate. The subject of the afterlife is a regularly debated topic, with many teachings mentioning the form of an afterlife in which the faithful take their place beside the Emperor for eternity.