Grenade Launcher
Grenade launchers are relatively simple tubular weapons which can launch several different types of grenades using means such as compressed gas or an electromagnetic charge, depending on which Manufactorum they were made in. Grenade launchers benefit from their ability to fire ordnance on an arching trajectory, allowing their shots to clear obstacles and lay down suppressive fire on unseen foes. While a variety of common grenade types can be fired by grenade launchers they are almost universally loaded with Frag (Anti-Personnel) and Krak (Anti-Armour) grenades, however many other varients exist. Grenade launchers are common in the Imperial Guard and are the Squad-weapon of choice for the Mordian Iron Guard.

Ammunition TypesEdit

  • Frag- explodes in a withering shower of shrapnel, designed for firing into densely-packed infantry.
  • Krak- the latest anti-tank grenade type designed for the Imperial Guard, useful against light to medium armour.
  • Stun- the flash produced momentarily activates all photoreceptor cells in the eye, making vision impossible for at least 5 seconds whilst the loud blast causes temporary loss of hearing.
  • Smoke- smoke cannisters are fired from the launcher, creating a thick blanket of smoke to reduce visibility.
  • Hallucinogenic- a relatively new invention, they release a cloud of invisible gas which has strange and unpredictable effects on the minds of those inhaling; effects range from turning victims into passive zombies or idiots, to producing delusions, paranoia and hallucination.
  • Anti-plant- these grenades release defoliants which quickly turn almost any flora to a foul-smelling ooze. They are used to deprive an enemy of foliage cover while not seriously harming other materials.
  • Monofilament- a grenade that carries compressed segments of monomolecular wire that, when the grenade is detonated, expand into a cloud of razor-sharp filaments capable of slicing through flesh and bone.
  • Knock-out - these grenades give off a gas which sends affected people to sleep unless they are using some form of respirator equipment, commonly used by the Adeptus Arbites to quell riots.