A pict-capture from the cogitator banks of Obsidian Station.

As long as humans have roamed the stars, there have been stories of monsters that lurk in the darkness outside of the boundaries of the Imperium of Man. Aside from the insidious Cadorians, most of these stories have been dismissed as fear-mongering, just tales to scare disobedient children, but all legends have a basis of truth.

In 2671, the Obsidian Void Dockyard above the planet Viridia fell completely silent overnight. The problem was first put down due to simple mechanical failure, as the station held two full regiments of Imperial Guard and more firepower than an Imperial Battleship, but after 3 days a team was sent to investigate. When a company of Adeptus Astartes from the Space Wolves chapter arrived, they found the station to be eerily quiet, the hangars empty and the Vox-net silent. Inside they found five-thousand mangled corpses littering the winding corridors of the station, blood slick on the walls and floors of the dormitories, innards hung from the control panels like grotesque decorations of an insane celebration. But not a single skull was found amonst the carnage, all had been taken awat as gruesome trophies by their depraved attackers.

Inspection of the cogitator banks told the tale of what had happened there; four days before, thousands of targets had suddenly appeared on the auspex and opened fire without warning. Nine-hundred defense batteries roared in defiance but were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of targets, and many over-heated from constant fire, the rest completely ran out of ammunition. Stocky transport craft began to advance out of the armada and towards the station, hurling through the volleys of incoming fire and shrugging it off as if it were light rain. Arcs of energy seared through the air, incinerating the lightning fighters dispatched to intercept them and leaving burning husks gently drifting through the void. When they reached the hangars, they disgorged their hideous cargo, like bloated insects disgorging it's young. The slaughter lasted only 54 minutes. The sheer number of Xenos overwhelmed the Imperial Guard stationed there, cutting them down in their hundreds every minute. When all resistance had been crushed, they turned on the rest of the crew and slaughtered them in their own bunks. A defense servitor captured a single pict-capture of the attackers before being destroyed, which is still the only photo of the elusive aliens.

The people of Viridia live in superstitious fear of them, the slightest mention of their name makes the denizens of the planet tremble in fear, as it is said to invite the brutal creatures to attack.

Physiology and technologyEdit

As seen from the pict-capture, the Fra'al typically possess eight limbs, while not in pursuit a Fra'al will walk upright on four limbs using the other four for various functions. While chasing prey the Fra'al can easily alter its body position so that it can use all eight limbs for locomotion whilst it's upper four limbs are adaptable and can change their musculature to use as hands with opposable digits or as grasping feet. A Fra'al’s limbs are strong enough that an adult can climb with ease. Deducing from the cogitator abnks of Obsidian station, the Ordo Xenos has deduced that an adult Fra'al is around 2.6 meters tall, with thick hides and deep-set eyes (Sometimes replaced with bionics) and have an indecipherable primitive language composed of screeching and rasping noises.

However, Fra'al technology is highly advanced, much moreso than humans. Their armoury includes crude bionics, projected energy weapons and space-faring craft. They also clearly adept at using close-combat weapons- a large scythe-like blade is observable on their forearms and is used in the video-captures for slicing apart enemies. Another example of their technology is the Fra'al glass knife, one of which was recovered from Obsidian station.