A much preferred alternative to the Railrifle, the Designated Marksman Rifle (Or DMR for short) sacrifices stopping power for unparralled accuracy. Light and compact, this weapon is popular amongst Lenehenese snipers, who like the idea of being able to easily carry and still hit targets at extreme ranges. Carried by the Designated Marksman of the squad, this weapon can provide accurate covering fire for a squad's advance.

Ammunition typesEdit

Solid slug- the standard ammuntion type for all firearms.

Hellfire rounds- a recently developed piece of technology, the metal of the bullet is replaced by a tough polymer shell filled with a vial of deadly mutagenic acid, which eats through flesh at an alarming pace. As the bullet penetrates through the target's armour, the polymer shell splits to release the acid, which then eats away at the target's insides, causing a quick whilst painful death. Due to the complicated process of making these rounds, they are rarely found in the main Imperial Guard, usually being restricted to specialist snipers.