Shortly after the events of Z-Day, almost all nations of the world came under threat from the Infected, causing severe strain on militaries across the world. One such strain caused a large opening in the safety of the Shalumite President Tyler Holland, almost costing him his life.

With Shalumian troops thinly spread trying to contain the spread of the virus, the President's personal guard was stripped to the bone as every available man was needed to defend the survivors and exterminate the infected. On April 3rd, a large swarm of infected succeeded in breaching the perimeter defenses north of Aragon which caused 12,000 infantrymen to be diverted to seal the breach. However this attack was just a feint, and soon another swarm had broken through the ranks of weakened defenders to the south, and were quickly advancing towards the presidential palace.


The abandoned streets of Aragon prior to the reclaimation.

Seeing no way to hold their position, President Holland gave the order to fall back from the capital city to regroup and resupply. All remaining soldiers were to fall back to Camp Bastion and await rescue- unfortunately, the order to retreat came too late, and many soldiers were killed and consumed in the chaos of the retreat. The President himself barely escaped with his life, being forced to fight alongside his hand-picked bodyguards in brutal close-quarter fighting. The city itself was eventually lost as all troops were evacuated, but was finally reclaimed with assistance from CREEEEEEDian troops and is now in the process of rebuilding.