Sularian Gate

The gate at the Sularian Mountain Pass.

As the Babylonians advanced steadily towards Terra, the capitol city of Lenehen and the centre of Lenehenese resistance, all allied forces were mustered in an attempt to stem the invaders. The location for this battle was to be the Sularian pass in the Van Der Marr mountains 50 miles South-West of Terra, an ideal location as any determined foe would undoubtably have to wrest control of this pass if he were to have any hope of bringing enough men and tanks to successfully siege Holy Terra.

All available reinforcements were mustered at the gate, eight regiments of Lenehenese militia, two battered regiments of Mordian Iron Guard, a few dozen Kriegian Sappers and a half-strength regiment of Harakoni Warhawks. Calls for aid to Lenehen's allies were sent, but with such large distances scant help could be offered. Not that the contribution of two regiments of Panzermeemian Marines at the gate went unnoticed, nor the Bankamparian Armoured Division, but reinforcements were still few and far between.

Eventually, the Babylonians arrived. Twenty-five full regiments of infantry, backed by heavy armour and artillery support marched into the foothills of the mountains and within a day Babylonian shells fell on the rain-lashed Allied trenches and gun emplacements. The battle raged for hours, Babylonian mortars exploding in densely packed trenches followed by waves of infantry whilst heavy machine guns sycthed into the attackers and missiles taking a heavy toll on the enemy armour. One by one, each defensive line was overrun by waves of attackers- for all their heavy weapons, the tide of Babylonians seemed unstoppable and where one fell, another two stepped into his place. As the enemy surrounded the last bastion of resistance, all seemed lost and morale was stretched to the limit but as the sun rose dust clouds were seen on the horizon- the promised Kellonian reinforcements had arrived. Knowing it was now only a matter of time until the Babylonians were hit on two fronts, the defenders fought with renewed vigour, led by Colonel Broklaw of the Lenehenese 8th Militia they charged the Babylonian lines in a blaze of gunfire and glory- caught in the narrow mountain pass and unable to use their strength of numbers, the advance was halted long enough for the Kellonians to arrive. By sundown, the Babylonian army was shattered. Thousands of prisoners were taken and what was left of their armour retreated to the nearest stronghold with Kellonian snapping at their heels. It was the begining of the end for the Babylonian invasion of Lenehen.

The defense of Sularian Gate saw the promotion of nine Imperial Colonels, and 18 awardings of the Star of Terra, 15 of them posthumously, to the Panzermeemian and Bankamparian defenders. The Kellonian General leading the counter-attack and harrying of the Babylonians was awarded the Macharias Cross, the highest honour a non-Lenehenese Officer can attain.