The Carloso/New Babylonia Naval Arms Race 

The battleship España of the Carlossian Navy, a Naval Arms Race battleship.

 began in the early twentieth century when the Babylonian government ordered three "Titans", powerful battleships whose capabilities far outstripped older vessels in the world's navies.

The Carlossian government immediately ordered six battleships (the España class). Soon after Carloso's sixth dreadnought was canceled in favor of an even larger ship, which was laid down and ripped up several times after repeated alterations to the design. When the Carlossiam government finally settled on a design, the Babylonian Titans had been finished, and their ship would be outclassed by the larger super-battleships already built, so they stored the ship, preliminarily named Dauntless. They attempted to upgrade it to a more powerful vessel from Lollohian shipbuilders, but the beginning of the Second Regional War caused them to suspend work on foreign warships, effectively canceling the nearly complete ship.

Later on the Dauntless was scrapped and the materials used to make the sixth España, Aragon which was commisioned on Christmas Day 1939.