A set of Carapace armour with helmet-mounted rebreather.

Standard issue in the Imperial Guard, carapace armour consists of large rigid plates over a layer of water-resistant, hard-wearing combat fatigues. Whilst heavy to wear and unable to cover flexible areas such as joints, it offers far better protection over lighter types of body armour. Most combat fatigues also include simple slots for carapace plates to be inserted, allowing the wearer to customise their level of protection or more easily replace damaged plates. Carapce armour is also used by the Lenehenese Adeptus Arbites for protection during raids and when crushing riots. The helmet of the suit is equipped with a removable rebreather, a photo-visor, a encrypted micro-bead and a clip attachment on the side for a light source or vid-recorder, while the suit itself incorporates an integral auspex unit accessed via wrist display for close detection in low-light conditions.