Beach Assult

A trio of Lenehenese militia hold an emplacement against an amphibious assult.

On the 19th of August 1995, cargo freighters filled with Babylonian tanks and elite shock troops docked at the Thridian bay and within an hour of unloading, the city was in turmoil.

Lenehenese militia were mainly concerned with the evacuation of civilians, and such only 3 out of the 8 militia regiments were used in active combat. Although poorly armed, these units fought tenaciously against the invader, though in the process suffered upwards of 70% casualties attempting to hold the line. Small amounts of relief arrived nearer to the end of the battle, a Cadian infantry regiment and a Mordian Armoured Company provided sufficient time for the remainder of the militia to evacuate the citizenry. Casualties were heavy and whilst much of the city's infrastructure had been destroyed in the battle, the Babylonians now had a foothold on Lenehenese soil.