The Battle of Carloso

The Battle of Carloso 
was a huge battle fought on land and sea in Carloso during the Summer through to Winter of 1625 between Spanish and English forces. The battle saw the founding of Carloso and one of few Spanish victories against the English.

It also ensured Spanish dominance in Carloso up until the 1900s and resulted in many skirmishes between Carlossian English and Carlossian Spanish rival factions.


On May 16th 1625, a fleet of Spanish galleys commandeered by the Spanish Admiral Carlos Juan Pablo carrying spice and gold from the recently discovered land of Tierra de Oro were ambushed by a taskforce of 55 gun and 90 guns ships. Admiral Carlos famously ordered all men to; "open up the hatches and prepare for the storm!"

Ironically, a storm front was actually approaching. Carlos attempted to use this as an advantage and sailed south attempting to outrun the English. The back of the English fleet, mainly cutters, were ravaged by the storm. Carlos, seeing the smaller ships crumble in the distance brought the fleet around so must ship's guns were pointing towards the English vessels. As Carlos' ships fired, the English ships were enveloped completely by the storm and Carlos was forced to try and outrun it.

They only managed to stay out of the storm's way for a few minutes before it hit, sending the wreckage of many English ships raining onto the Spanish vessels. Many English vessels had still survived and were continuing with their attack anyway. The fleets battled through the storm, almost completely blind except for the flash of cannons in the fog. One of the greatest incidents of friendly fire happened here as the 90 gun English ship Essex was smashed by two other English vessels.



Battle of Riot Hill

Eventually after a night of fighting, both fleets had been almost completely obliterated. Many hundreds of soldiers and sailors, though nothing compared to the number of dead, were washed up on the Carlossian shoreline. Both sides attempted to gather ammunition, supplies and guns to attack each other. The Spanish flagship Barcelona had made it through the storm albeit heavily damaged and provided essential support to heavily outnumbered Spanish men.

Initially it was peaceful, the wreckage of ships were converted into shacks and towers on both sides, but after a week, English scouts encroached on the Spanish settlement of Campamento Especias. Spanish forces were quick to engage and the scouts fled to the English settlement of Riot Hill, lead by the English Captain, Alex Duke.