Project Z was a classified operation conducted by the Imperial Inquisition to investigate the Infected threat. Collecting samples from various captured and deceased zombies, the Inquisition hoped to find some weakness in the creatures that could potentially save humanity from the undead threat. However all contact from the research facility was severed shortly after establishment, leading to an investigative team of Imperial Guard (The 8th Cadian and 19th Elysian), Panzermeemian Marines and Imperial Stormtroopers led by Inquisitor Cato Sicaris of the Ordo Sepulturum.

Zombie footage

Zombie footage

Footage taken from a Valkyrie Gunship of the Infected.

The Marines swept the three labs and the command facility, whilst Inquisitor Sicaris and his team analysed the records and discovered what the purpose of the facility had been. Huge areas spreading out from the labs were cut off from the outside which was where the Infected had been kept. But for reasons unknown, the electrified containment fence had failed allowing the Infected to escape and overrun the three hundred man garrison.

The first order of business was to reactivate the containment fences, the Elysians had the task of escorting a technical servitor to repair the generatorum whilst the Cadians secured the primary labs to recover the databanks. As the servitor and its guard reached the generatorum, they were attacked. The Elysians successfully held off the Infected, despite taking heavy casualties, as the servitor repaired the generatorum and thus reactivating the perimeter fence and auto-turrets, buying them enough time to evacuate.

A suprise ambush forced the Panzermeemians to withdraw to the command bunker whilst the Cadians were completely overrun and consumed by the growing horde of infected. With the data secured, what was left of the team fought their way to the helipad and were safely evacuated. Data-files regarding the project are classified and a quarantine has been placed on the facility by the Ordo Sepulturum.