Bankampar 425608

The flag of the United Commonwealth of Bankampar.

Bankampar began life at the marriage of Duc Henri De Massuse and Juliet Francoise De la Valliere with the joining of the two kingdoms. Predominantly ocean-based, the industry of early Bankampar revolved around fishing, supplying warships for their feuding neighbours and trading, which closened ties with many of their larger neighbours as well as brought in a reliable source of income to the country. Due to it's domination of international trade, it easily created Vassals and manipulated foreign wars due to the simplicity of simply cutting off trade to those countries and placing them in an economic chokehold until they submitted. Any country that it wished to annex could simply be blockaded and starved whilst the Bamkamparian army besieged it's towns until they surrendered and became puppet-states of the Bankamparian Commonwealth, ceding some of it's land and wealth to their new masters. A little land here and a little land there does little to scare it's neighbours, but as this process continued for hundreds of years, Bankampar soon became large enough to throw it's not unconsiderable weight around.

However as it's boundaries grew, it began to attract the attention of the larger states- the Empire of the Great Wolf of CREEEEEED, the newly formed United States of Sankji and the Republica Federal de Catalunya were all wary of this new upcomer, who's startling rise to power would upset the fragile balance of power, and a short-lived First Grand Coalition was formed, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers sent to put down the upstart power. After a disasterous begining to the war, where Bankampar losted hundreds of miles of territory, drastic military reforms were made (Including the formation of an elite regiment, raised to protect the family of the King, the Black Wolves). Under new training with new equipment and trained with new drill, the war slowly began to shift until the Bankamparians were on the offensive yet again. A long grinding war was soon initiated, with Bankampar's boundaries being expanded yet again and the collapse of the first Coalition. However such a war had cost Bankamparian money and lives, neither of which were in abundance and for many years afterwards prudent stewardship was needed. However, Bankampar had succeeded in cementing it's international image as a formidable military power.

Despite directly participating in few large international wars over the centuries, preferring to stick to it's tried-and-tested method of gaining land, it's reputation stuck and Bankamparian expertise was requested across the ACSN. One such example was the assistance of the Viet Minh guerillas and NVA during the Vietnam War, under the pay of the Soviet Union, the Commonwealth provided arms and advisors to the communists, as well as training and miltiary intelligence on enemy movements- even going so far as to provide armour and ground troops which sieged Hue in the Tet Offensive. This controversial action brought the country a lot of flak, politically speaking, with many of the other members of the ACSN criticising it's anti-american stance (Most members at the time were either actively Pro-American or Neutral)

1991 Civil WarEdit

The 1991 Civil War was an uprising that began in the capital city of Arcadia. It began because of poor living conditions which Emperor Tiberius (the leader at the time) had ignored for far too long. The leader of the uprising, was a twenty-one year old man by the name of Allen Chapman. He was able to convince thousands of soldiers, and civilians to fight against the Imperial regime. The Black Wolves division was convinced as well, they did not want to tarnish their amazingly clean track record, by killing fellow soldiers and civilians. The war turned bloody when Tiberius found out the intentions to overthrow him. He ordered all remaining forces to attack full force. It left the rebels very shorthanded, so they retreat to the Io Mountain Range in Central Bankampar, and gathered strength. When the nationalist army attacked the mountains, they were repelled with relative ease, and the rebels were able to advance and take the capital. All nationalist prisoners were re-educated from the brainwashing that the Emperor gave them, and set free. Allen Chapman became the new Prime Minister of Bankampar.