Autopistol 5
The standard firarm of the Imperial Guard, the Autopistol is the smaller cousin of the more widely used Autogun. Whilst it lacks the stopping power and accuracy at long range of the Autogun, it is guaranteed to almost never jam and its small size means it can be easily concealed. Possessing single-shot or Full-Auto fire modes, this weapon is frequently the last-resort of many cornered Guardsmen and is standard issue to all Imperial Arbites.

Mark IV Voss Pattern AutopistolEdit

Autopistol 2
This model is originated from the city of Voss for use by the local Arbites and Praetors but quickly found its way into the hands of undercity gangs where it remains a popular sidearm. It also features a folding skeletal stock, which is not often used as the increase in accuracy for aimed fire is not generally required and its only sight is a small iron one. This model has a flash suppressor and a moulded fore-grip.

Ripper PistolEdit

Autopistol 4
This modified Autopistol fires specially designed armour-piercing metal shards containing a vicious cocktail of venomous chemicals with deadly accuracy. The initial wounds caused by the shards allow the venom to enter the victim's bloodstream and cause death, and thus the weapon can bring down the largest opponents in a single shot. It is designed so that if the vicious impact of the bullet doesn’t kill the target, the poisons flooding into its bloodstream will. Often, they are the final word in terminal close encounters. Ripper Pistol is favoured by soldiers of the Harakoni Warhawks and other inhabitants of such unforgiving places like Harakon.

Disposable HandgunEdit

Autopistol 3
Disposable handgun is essentially an extremely stripped down Autopistol with a small clip. Made by a wide variety of manufacturers, disposable handguns are one of the most easily obtainable and inexpensive firearms in Lenehen. Many shipboard survival kits contain one of these weapons. They have very shoddy craftsmanship as well as poor performance and seasoned warriors joke that when the clip runs out, someone is better off throwing the gun at an opponent than trying to reload.

Ammunition typesEdit

Solid slug- The standard ammuntion type for all firearms.

Shattershard rounds- Designed for close-quarter fighting in the confines of a ship, the Shattershard round splits into several smaller slivers of metal mid-flight to prevent damage to delicate machinery that may be hit and destroyed by a regular bullet.

Penetrator rounds- Designed to punch through armour, these rounds feature a hardened Titanium dart contained in a discarding sabot.