The Autogun is a fully automatic Assault rifle that fires solid-slug ballistic rounds at the intended target in rapid sucession. Cheap, rugged and reliable, it can be found throughout the Imperium of Lenehen, where it is appreciated for its decent stopping power and accuracy. The larger cousin of the Autopistol, this rifle is used in a variety of battlefield scenarios.

Mark IX AutogunEdit

Autogun 5
The standard issue rifle for all Imperial Guard; cheap to make, reliable with decent stopping power this weapon has served the Lenehenese for over a decade. Fairly light, robust and strong it is perfectly able to resist damage or wear on the battlefield. It also has an underside slot for a bayonet attachment as well as a recently added flash-supressor for the muzzle.

Mark XL AutogunEdit

One specialised version is the Mark 40 'Armageddon' pattern Autogun, which sacrifices a larger magazine for higher stopping power- holding only a dozen rounds instead of the usual 50. Although bulkier than the standard issue rifle, it has greater firepower and features a three-round-burst as well as the normal Full-Auto and Single-Shot capabilities of other patterns. Used in the Mordian Iron Guard and the Death Korps of Krieg, this weapon extensively saw service during the Macharian Crusade.

Mark II HellgunEdit

An interesting hybrid of a Railrifle and an Autogun, the Hellgun is standard issue to all Stormtroopers of the Imperial Guard. Built more ruggedly than the delicate Railrifle but with a bigger punch than an Autogun, it draws energy from the pack through power cables which connect to the weapon's rapid discharge generator, where energy for each shot is stored. Capable of automatic fire the weapon's barrel incorporates a bulky cooling shroud, with coils of heat-exchanging pipes through which pressurized refrigerant chemicals are pumped, which makes it freezing to the touch between firings (a foregrip is included to protect the user). The type II also includes an advanced optic with x4 magnification and a low-light infra-scope for detecting a target's heat signature in darkness and through thin barriers.